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The LoRS API for LorsDepotPool

Data Structures

struct  __LorsDepotPool


int lorsGetDepotPool (LorsDepotPool **dp, char *lbone_server, int lbone_server_port, IBP_depot *depots, int min_unique_depots, char *location, ulong_t storage_size, int storage_type, time_t duration, int nthreads, int timeout, int opts)
 Create a collection of IBP depots from the LBone or a user supplied list.

int lorsUpdateDepotPool (LorsExnode *exnode, LorsDepotPool **ret_dpp, char *lbone_server, int lbone_server_port, char *location, int nthreads, int timeout, int opts)
int lorsFreeDepotPool (LorsDepotPool *dpp)

Function Documentation

int lorsGetDepotPool LorsDepotPool **    dp,
char *    lbone_server,
int    lbone_server_port,
IBP_depot *    depots,
int    min_unique_depots,
char *    location,
ulong_t    storage_size,
int    storage_type,
time_t    duration,
int    nthreads,
int    timeout,
int    opts

Create a collection of IBP depots from the LBone or a user supplied list.

lorsGetDepotPool acts as a wrapper of various LBone calls. It acts as a means for obtaining a collection of IBP depots from which the other LoRS procedures will draw. Optionally, a user may provide a filename, which will replace the lbone call to getDepots.

dp  A LorsDepotPool is returned after having called either lbone_getDepots() or reading the specified list.
lbone_server  The hostname of a specific lboneserver.
lbone_server_port  The corresponding port for given lboneserver.
depots  If not NULL, lorsGetLorsDepotPool() will attempt to get all IBP depots from this list. Convenient for testing or requiring particular depots not listed in the lbone.
min_unique_depots  The lbone has a limited number of depots. For your particular application you may need more than are available in a particular region, and without a maximum, the lbone request might return depots from other regions to satisfy the request. min_unique_depots allows a user to set the upper bound for the number of depots returned. For best striping, more depots will be better. For best performance, fewer depots may be better. But not too few..
location  The lbone accepts location hints to specify a region. Lbone API
storage_size  storage_size is measured in Megabytes. Likely, you will need a minimum per-depot storage capacity. For example, if your file were 20GB, and you wanted to stripe it across 5 locations, storage_size would equal 4GB/1MB.
storage_type  IBP allows either IBP_HARD or IBP_SOFT allocations. SOFT are more readily available, while HARD have stronger guarantees about reliability. IBP API
duration  Depots can also specify maximum lease time for allocations. This gives a minimum that you are willing to accept for your depots.
nthreads  The maximum number of threads to utilize while performing this operation. Not fully supported by lbone_checkDepots().
timeout  Because this is a network operation, a timeout is provided to assure that the call will eventually return, even on failure.
  • LORS_CHECKDEPOTS - Call lbone_checkDepots() on first depot list.
  • LORS_SERVER_AND_LIST - Read depots from given list as well as from lbone_server to meet min_unique_depots.
There are various error conditions. See list of all possible errors The LoRS Error List.

int lorsUpdateDepotPool LorsExnode   exnode,
LorsDepotPool **    ret_dpp,
char *    lbone_server,
int    lbone_server_port,
char *    location,
int    nthreads,
int    timeout,
int    opts

This function is necessary until there is a more appropriately named lorsCreateDepotPoolFromExnode(). As deserialized, the LorsExnode does not include the LorsDepotPool structure. This funciton creates one and updates it with the given proximity as returned by the lbone.

This functionality should be replaced with a combination of functions lorsGetDepotPoolFromExnode and lorsUpdateDepotPoolFromResolution();

exnode  A recently deserialized exnode.
ret_dpp  A pointer into which the newly created LorsDepotPool is returned.
lbone_server  An lbone server which can return proximity information relative to the given location.
lbone_server_port  The lbone server port.
location  A location hint relative to which the lbone returns stuff.
nthreads  The maximum number of threads to use.
timeout  Spend no longer than this.
opts  ??
There are various error conditions. See list of all possible errors The LoRS Error List.

int lorsFreeDepotPool LorsDepotPool   dpp

Release the resources consumed by this structure.

dpp  A previously created LorsDepotPool.
There are various error conditions. See list of all possible errors The LoRS Error List.

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