The Logistical Backbone (L-Bone) maintains a directory of IBP depots and metadata about these depots. The client library allows users to query the L-Bone for depots that meet certain requirements. The IBP depots listed in the L-Bone now serve 10s of TBs of publicly sharable storage around the world.

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The L-Bone keeps a record for each depot. Most importantly, the L-Bone stores the standard IBP data which includes hostname, port, the amount of soft and hard storage (both total and available) and the maximum allocation period for that depot.

In addition to the standard IBP depot information, the L-Bone also keeps some depot owner supplied information and some performance information.

The depot owner supplied information provides geographic location hints as well as operating environment descriptions. Currently, the L-Bone can record country, state (US only), city, zipcode (US only) and nearest airport. Depending on the information provided, the L-Bone determines latitude and longitude for that depot.

The operating environment data currently kept is connection speed, amount of monitoring, the availability of power backup, the scheduling of data backup and whether the machine sits behind a firewall.

This information is not required to register a depot, but we encourage the inclusion of it because the L-Bone can provide better service and performance with it.

Currently, the L-Bone also maintains uptime or availability performance on each depot. The L-Bone server polls each depot once per hour. The L-Bone server keeps track of the number of responses versus the number of calls. The Percent Uptime on the depot detail page is responses/attempts.

In the future, we may look at other performance measures.

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