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LoRS 0.82.3 [.tar.bz2] (7.19MB)
Description: This is the latest LoRS code.
Date: Aug 2010

IBP [.tar.gz] (1.3MB)
Description: This is the latest IBP code. It includes fixes for several compilation and configuration bugs in the package.
Date: Jul 2008

IBP [.tar.gz] (620KB)
Description: This code includes a couple of bugs fixes so that it reports available space correctly and it no longer hangs on a single connection when connchecting via telnet). Also new configuration option has been added (--enable-bonjour) which is the current name for Apple's Rendezvous service.
Date: Apr 2005

NetCDF/L 3.5.2 [.tar.gz] (654KB)
Description: NetCDF/L is the software package to convert traditional NetCDF so that it can store data in the Logistical Network rather than writing to disk. Since it is based on Logistical Networking Technology, we name it NetCDF/L. NetCDF/L software package is based on two other software packages: libxio library and Logistical Runtime System(LoRS) package. Both NetCDF/L 3.5.2 and NetCDF/L 3.5.1 are based on the updates to standard NetCDF 3.5.1 published by Unidata. Compared to NetCDF/L 3.5.1, serveral bugs have been fixed in NetCDF/L 3.5.2.
Date: Dec 2004

Libxio library v0.2 [.tar.gz] (190KB)
Description: Libxio is an abstraction library that provides standard UN*X I/O interface, which allows to access local files as well as logistical networking technology based "network files" represented by URI lors:///local_path/exnode. Compared to libxio library v0.1, several bugs have been fixed in v0.2 version. It was initially developed by Lukas Hejtmanek in the Czech Republic with assistance and debugging by LoCI.
Date: Dec 2004

LoRS Source Development Package v0.82.1 [.tar.gz] (6.3MB)
Description: Some bugs are fixed in this version over 0.82.
Date: Oct 2004

LoRS Source Development Package v0.82.1 with IBP authentication [.tar.gz] (7.3MB)
Description: This release is based on lors-0.82.1 and adds support for IBP authentication using X.509 certificates.
Date: Jul 2004

LoRS Visual Tools for Win32 v0.82 [.exe] (7.7MB)
Description: This package combines the LoRS CLI with the visual front end and uses a self-extracting installation. This package depends upon both the ActiveState Tcl/TK distribution and the ActiveState Perl package. The setup.exe will test for their presence and download them if needed. Installation instructions are available here.
Date: Sep 2003

LoRS Visual Tools v0.82.1 for MacOSX [.dmg] (4.2MB)
Description: This disk image contains LorsCommand which combines LoRS CLI v 0.82 and LoRS View v 0.82 in a single, drag-and-drop application (no Developer Tools required). LorsCommand requires the TclTkAquaBI package of Tcl/Tk for Aqua available at:
Date: Sep 2003

Alpha release of Network functional Unit (NFU)-enhanced IBP depot [.tar.gz] (366KB)
Description: We are working on implementing Network Functional Unit(NFU) which allows the incorporation of limited computation into the functionality of the depot. Also this alpha release supports multiple storage resources. We have released an alpha version of NFU-enhanced depot. The rationale behind the NFU design is describe in the paper "An End-to-End Approach to Globally Scalable Programmable Networking" which can be downloaded from A draft specification of the client and server APIS for NFU can be found here.
Date: Sep 2003

ROLFS (Read-Only Logstical File System) v 1.0 [.tar.gz] (65KB)
Description: This is the initial (alpha) release of ROLFS. This package includes rolfsd and 10 command line utilities for accessing ROLFS. It also requires libjcomm v0.2.1 and libfdr.
Date: Aug 2003

IBP v 1.3.1 [.tar.gz] (331KB)
Description: This new version of IBP includes DNS caching and 64 bits file system support. Also several bugs have been fixed such as closing socket when the thread is canceled and checking for 64 bits integer. The package has been tested on Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, FreeBSD and OSF.
Date: Aug 2003

Java LorsDownload v 1.0 [.jar] (144KB)
Description: This is an alpha version of LorsDownload. It contains the .java and .class files for LorsDownload as well as the IBP client, L-Bone client and exNode data structure. It is single-threaded only. It requires Java 1.4.1.
Date: Aug 2003