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IBP Client API 1.4 [.pdf] (246KB)
Description: This document describes the IBP client API for version 1.4 (includes multi-resource depots).
Date: Dec 2004

Poster: Global Terascale Data Management for Legacy Applications Using Netcdf/L [767KB]
Description: This is a poster about global terascale data management for legacy applications using netcdf/L.
Date: Nov 2004

LoDN's Fault Tolerance [78 KB]
Description: Information about fault tolerance in the replication of data on LoDN.
Date: Sep 2004

LoDN in a Nutshell [126 KB]
Description: An overview of the LoDN utility. This describe the main functionality of LoDN and also how to setup your own LoDN server.
Date: Sep 2004

Manual: LoRS Visual Tools Manual 0.82 [1.9MB]
Description: This manual guides a user through the installation and configuration process for Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows. The manual also covers all major operations of the GUI interface with an appendix for the command line tools.
Date: Sep 2003

LoRS Tools v 0.81 for Windows 2000 or better
Description: Online complete instructions for the installation of LoRS Tools v 0.81 for Windows 2002 or better.
Date: Sep 2003