The Logistical Computing and Internetworking (LoCI) Laboratory, headed by Drs. Micah Beck and James S. Plank of the Computer Science Department of the University of Tennessee, is devoted to information logistics in distributed computer systems and networks. Information logistics is the study of the flexible coscheduling of the fundamental physical resources that underpin computer systems: storage, computation, and data transmission.

(NEW!)You are invited to try our new featured service, the Logistical Distribution Network (LoDN), which is an experimental content distribution tool. LoDN allows users to store content on the Logistical Network, and manage or retrieve that stored content. In order to use LoDN, all you need is a standard web browser, a recent Java runtime environment and an access to the world wide web. Click here for more information about LoDN and Logistical Networking.

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The Logistical Backbone

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Featured Downloads

LoRS v 0.82.2 [tar.bz2] (13.6 MB)
February 2010
This is the lastest LoRS code.

IBP v [tar.gz] (1.3MB)
July 2008
This is the latest IBP code. It includes fixes for several compilation and configuration bugs in the package.

LoRS Visual Tools for Win32 v0.82 [.zip] (11MB)
September 2003
This package combines the LoRS CLI with the visual front end and uses a self-extracting installation. This package depends upon both the ActiveState Tcl/TK distribution and the ActiveState Perl package. The setup.exe will test for their presence and download them if needed. Installation instructions are available here.

LoRS Visual Tools v0.82.1 for MacOSX [.dmg] (5.0 MB)
September 2003

This disk image (5.0 MB) contains LorsCommand which combines LoRS CLI v 0.82 and LoRS View v 0.82 in a single, drag-and-drop application (no Developer Tools required). LorsCommand requires the TclTkAquaBI package of Tcl/Tk for Aqua available at:

LoRS Visual Tools Manual v0.82 [.pdf] (1MB)
This manual guides a user through the installation and configuration process for Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows. The manual also covers all major operations of the GUI interface with an appendix for the command line tools.

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Featured Publications

Logistical Multicast for Data Distribution, Workshop on Grids and Advanced Networks, Cardiff, UK , May, 2005
Authors: Jason Zurawski, Martin Swany , Micah Beck, Ying Ding

Pipelining and Caching the Internet Backplane Protocol, UT-CS-04-529, University of Tennessee Computer Science Department, September, 2004
Authors: Micah Beck, Huadong Liu, Terry Moore, Yong Zheng

LoDN: Logistical Distribution Network, Workshop on Advanced Collaborative Environments, Nice, France, September, 2004
Authors: Micah Beck, Jean-Patrick Gelas, Dustin Parr, James S. Plank, Stephen Soltesz

High Performance Threaded Data Streaming for Large Scale Simulations, 5th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing, Pittsburgh, PA, November, 2004
Authors: Viraj Bhat, Scott Klasky, Scott Atchley, Micah Beck, Doug McCune, Manish Parashar

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Related Publications

Distributed Encoding Environment based on Grids and IBP Infrastructure, Terena networking conference 2004, Rhodes, Greece, June, 2004
Author(s): Petr Holub, Lukas Hejtmanek

Data Logistics in Network Computing: The Logistical Session Layer, IEEE Network Computing and Applications, Cambridge, MA, October 2001
Author(s): M. Swany and R. Wolski

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Featured News

Library of Congress Supports IBP

July 2008
The LoCI team was recently invited to the National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program (NDIIPP) meeting in Arlington, Virginia headed by the Library of Congress. The NDIIPP was founded by Congress in 2000 in order to archive and preserve digital content.

LoCI Screencasts

July 2008
LoCI screencasts are now avaiable. You can use the link in the left-hand navigation bar or click here. These informative screencasts will teach a newcomer how to use some of our tools and services while providing a brief overview of LoDN and how it functions. Special thanks to Harold Gonzales and Dr. Terry Moore for providing these videos.

The NetCDF/L 3.5.2 is available now!
December 2004
NetCDF/L 3.5.2 has now been released and is available for download using this link. Compared to NetCDF/L 3.5.1, several bugs have been fixed in this 3.5.2 version. We will continue to work on NetCDF/L 3.6.0, which will provide large file support. The Network Common Data Form, or netCDF, is an interface to a library of data access functions for storing and retrieving data in the form of arrays. Developed by Unidata, it is an abstraction that supports a view of data as a collection of self-describing, portable objects that can be accessed through a simple interface. Based on the netcdf-3.5.1 software package, LoCI Lab has developed NetCDF/L software package which adds Logistical Networking capabilities. Like traditional NetCDF it can store data on local disk and it can also store data on the global logistical network.
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